Vielen Dank an alle, die unsere Puzzle Boxen bewertet haben! Wenn es noch Zweifel gibt, vertraut nicht nur uns…





Perfect for ambitious puzzle enthusiasts

At the wedding I had the opportunity to open puzzle the box together with all people of our table and it was super fun. I’m definitely in for the next one. Can’t wait for it.



Amazing Design!

This awesome little puzzle box kept us busy for quite a long time! The Design is amazing and the riddles to solve the cube are super innovative!

Dezember 2022, SIMON M. LIÈGE, BELGIEN


Meilleures Casse-têtes!

Sous une apparence d’une boîte venue d’ailleurs, ce cube de bois est l’un des meilleurs casse-têtes que j’ai eu entre les mains. Il est entièrement constitué d’énigmes de qualités et qui m’ont obligées à sortir de ma zone de confort. Et enfin, pour les acharnés, une récompense qu’un nouveau genre les attend à l’intérieur. Depuis la prise en main jusqu’à l’ouverture de cette boîte à énigme, je suis passé de surprise en surprise! Une vraie pépite de qualité!

Dezember 2022, JULIEN D. LUXEMBURG


Intuitive, yet challenging!

At a wedding I was given the Wedding Puzzle Box. Even though I am not a puzzle person, or didn’t think I was until then, I was immediately drawn to solving this puzzle.
The product was not only beautifully designed, but I was also very intrigued by the various elements and how they were connected to each other.
Needless to say I became very competitive and had to solve it before I could continue to party. The product is truly amazing because it is intuitive enough for you to solve certain areas, but simultaneously difficult enough that you end up calling in reinforcement to get to the bottom of the mystery. I really enjoyed solving it with my friends.
This is a great gift for any one who loves puzzles, has idle hands or just wants a challenge. In fact, it is so great that I regretted solving it, and spent the rest of the time talking other people through it in order for me to be able to solve it once more.



Engineering Feat!

The puzzle box is a fantastic feat of engineering and game design. Team work and cooperation is fiercely encouraged by the creative variety of challenges players must overcome to unlock the puzzle. This game makes you work for your achievements and the sense of achievement at stage of the solution is its own reward.

Dezember 2022, MATTHEW L. LONDON, GB