The Lost City: Chapter 1 - The Thief

You’re here because you’re stuck on the first chapter of the Lost City Puzzle Box? Look no further for all the help you need to solve the puzzle!

Click the hints below to reveal each clue.

Puzzle Box overview

I am unsure where to start!

Examine the various sides of Arsène’s Vault, specifically looking for jigsaw puzzle pieces with numbers in them. These sides are connected and should be used together to solve the first step.

They look like this:


I am stuck on the first step. What do I do next?

The sides with the jigsaw pieces (I and II), so faces 6 and 5 (have a look at the overview image)have resembling frames. Can you figure out the code? Which type of code is it?

It is on the tip of my fingers - do I have the right code?

Did you manage to figure out the Code? Do you know S O S – dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot – indeed it is Morse code!

Now have you seen this symbol anywhere?

I have the code - now what?

If you found the symbol we mentioned before, you should be staring at side 6. The sliders on this side move irregularly, sometimes they are short movements and sometimes long – the lines above the sliders help indicate the length of the movement – a short move is a dot, and a long one is a dash – just like Morse Code.

Spoiler alert - if you want it - you can find the solution to side 6 here.

One side down - couple more to go! What do I after side 6?

As we saw before, the dashes and dots are Morse code. The dashes and dots from the slider can be converted using the two frames, to letters. 

Spoiler alert ahead - solution for the code conversion!

Find below the conversion solution from dots and dashes to letters:

What do I do with all these letters?

As mentioned in the beginning, to start you need to use all the sides with the jigsaw puzzles on them! Side 6 with jigsaw puzzle I has been solved, what can you find on the side with the jigsaw puzzle II?


What do I do with the side with the number II (side 4) ?

The letters you identified combining the sides with puzzle piece I and III can now be used in the symbol converter. When using the converter, the input of one letter will provide 3 outputs:

1. unique symbol

2. direction of rotation

3. Number

Spoiler alert! Here comes the solution to side 4!

What do I do with the side with the jigsaw puzzle III (side 5)?

Although side 5 was needed before, the wheel with the symbols has not been used yet. Now that you have used the symbol converter, you should have 3 new inputs per letter converted!

I still need help with side 5! How do I use the new information?

The unique symbol you discovered from using the converter, can only be found on one of the six wheels on side 5. Once the wheel has been identified, you must align the unique symbol to the arrow on the frame.

Starting from the unique symbol, you must then turn the wheel by the given amount of steps in the given direction (information received from the converter).

Spoiler alert - solution for side 5 here!

Looking towards the symbols, we will count wheel 1 closest to you and wheel 6 furthest away.

Now what about side 3 - can you help me?

Pay attention to the four small sides. They contain all the information you need to solve side 3 by using the knobs.

Small corner side with the tree - can I have a clue?

You should spot various fruits hanging from the tree. Can you spot the one that is only visible once?

Warning - solution to the tree side!

The only fruit that is represented once, instead of twice, is the the acorn. On side 3, you need to align the acorn with the arrow.

Small corner side with the island - now what do I do here?

To start, have you spotted the compass symbol anywhere else?

Small corner side with the island - solution ahead - tread carefully!

Align the locking bar compass symbol on the one illustrated on the island corner side at the top. Swivel the bar, and find the direction where one of the dots of the path on the island corner side aligns with the cutout hole in the locking bar.

Once you have done this, you should have the correct direction as illustrated below. Use the knob with the compass row, and align the rose (hatched triangle) in the same direction as on the corner side.

Small corner side with the wall - help?

Is there a tool you can use, with as many indents as there are names on that wall?

Small corner side with the wall - I am still unsure on what to do!

The locking bar you you pulled out, has exactly as many indents as bricks with names in them. Can you align them?

Small corner side with the wall - one more clue please!

Look at the name next to the arrow of the locking bar. Spot anything particular with the name?

Small corner side with the wall - SPOILER!

All letters are in capitals, except for one. Align the letter that is not in capital letters on the knob with the arrow.

Small corner side with the gem chandelier - what am I doing wrong?

Where else have you spotted gems? Exactly, on one of the knobs on side 3! When comparing the gems on side 3, can you figure out which gem is not shown on the chandelier?

Small corner side with the gem chandelier - SOLUTION!

The missing gem is the beautiful diamond! Align the unlit candle tube with the gem!

I have solved side 3 - what should happen?

Once the 4 knobs are aligned, the hidden door with the portrait will spring open. Pull the hidden door and slide the portrait side upwards. Once the you have slid out the portrait, you will discover the hidden key to the Vault.

Side 1 - finally! How do I get inside the Arsène's Vault?

When resolving side 5, you should have pulled out the lock bar, which helped as a tool to solve side 3 and the small corner sides. If you have not yet solved side 5, you first have to do so, to unlock the first part of the Vault door.

Still on side 1 - so I have definitely resolved all the sides, now what?

Once you have pulled out the lock bar, which was mentioned previously, you are now able to move the part with the arrow (1) and unveil the hidden lock for the key (2).

Insert the key (key handle should be vertical) and make sure you place the key all the way inside (3). While turning the key anti-clockwise, gently pull the vault door, to open it (4).

I am stuck on side 2 - any advice?

Side 2 is a maze -if you look closely on the right side (position A) of the maze near the lock symbol, you should see a small ball. You need to navigate the ball across the maze into the unlocked position (position B). To guide the ball across the maze, you need to use the handle as well as tilt the box.

I have solved side 2 - what should happen (Potential Spoiler alert)?

Once you have navigated the ball from the locked position (A) to the unlocked position (B), you will be able to move a part. This part can only be moved, once you have opened the Vault door. If you have opened the vault door, go have a look at question “Inside the vault – why can I not continue?”. If you have not opened the vault door yet, you have to first solve the other sides, to unveil what resolving side 2 unlocks.

Inside the vault - why can I not continue?

Are you sure you have resolved all the sides? Especially side two is crucial. If the piece with the arrow, illustrated below, has not been moved, side 2 has not been resolved.


I have solved all sides and I am still stuck inside the Vault door - what now?

This protruding part is another maze, however this time it is a 3D maze. You need to move the part around (and up and down) to find the final position. Once you have reached the final position, the part will be free and come out. To start solving the maze, twist the maze slightly anti-clockwise and pull the black part towards you. You can see the path on the part that you need to follow. Try and remember the direction, each time you manage to pull it out a bit, to help you navigate the maze.

Spoiler alert - solution for when you have solved all sides and opened the Vault door.

This 3D maze is definitely tricky to master. Below you will find the path you need to follow, from the start, to the finish position. It is not easy, and will take patience!

Inside the Vault - I have made it through the treacherous path! Now what?

Once the maze is pulled out of the core, you will notice a part inside the maze element you just removed.

Twist both parts while the inside part is pointing downwards (the side you see in the illustration below, must point downwards) and it will unlock.

I think I am close! I have read the message, but how do I solve the final part of the mystery?

Once the Cryptex is removed, you need to find the combination to open it. While solving the puzzle box, you should have come across various unused symbols, which you can also find on the gears of the the Cryptex.

Use them in the order you found them to unlock the Cryptex.

You can find an arrow (A) on the Cryptex which determines from which side the first symbol you found should be positioned.

Spoiler alert! Help - I know I am close, but how do I solve the last epic mystery?

How do I reset the box?

In order to reset the box, you need to follow the hints backwards.
  1. Close the Cryptex
  2. Place the Cryptex in the maze housing. The Cryptex will position itself automatically in a secure way, due to the magnets.
  3. Enjoy doing the 3D maze backwards:)
  4. Lock the 3d maze into position, by pushing the piece with the arrow back into place (while in the unlocked position) and then move the ball back to the locked position.
  5. Close the vault, using the key. Place the key inside the lock and twist it anticlockwise. Once turned close the door and hold it, the key will turn automatically into the closed position. Do not force the locking, as this could result in damaging the key. If the key does not turn into locked position, give the door a slight jiggle, to allow the pins to align with the holes.
  6. Take out the key and put the lock bar back into position (make sure side 5 has the right combination, so the lock bar slides in). After this step you can twist the wheels.
  7. place the key back in the hidden compartment. Make sure the knobs are all in the correct position, then slide on the portrait piece, push it in and scramble the knobs.
  8. Voila!