All you need to know…

Arnaud a master of escape games (or at least having escaped a few) introduced Daniela to the concept, by taking her to the scariest live escape room in Paris. This is where the story began, both realising how much they enjoy escape rooms and how much they enjoy escaping them together. Complimentary in various ways, they chose to use their skills to create a table top escape puzzle box for their wedding.

If you are intrigued, or looking for a personalised box, and want more information, do not hesitate to contact us!

While conceptualising the wedding escape box (including a double sided puzzle seating chart to start of the escape game, as well as including a secret compartment with a gift from the groom, as well as a rolled up script for with a map marking the spot for the hidden present), they realised, that maybe, it could be possible to actually commercialise one of these types of puzzle escape boxes.

In contrast the wedding box was easy, as the concept was clear cut and well known – their story! The box started with a sliding puzzle, which illustrated the various highlights in their relationship. You then continued with deciphering a code, based on our Address; a magnet mechanism unlocked by cutting their Shiba Inu (Ina) free, followed by some code deciphering, with a final script and hidden compartment.


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